ESOP/Employee Benefits

Choose a National Leader in Employee Benefit Plans

Building on 60 years of experience, First Bankers is uniquely qualified to provide specialized fiduciary services for the administration of employer securities held in a qualified retirement plan, including Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and Nonqualified Plans. In addition, First Bankers is nationally recognized as an industry leader in structuring and serving as a fiduciary for complex transactions with public and private companies in purchasing and selling employer securities on behalf of an ESOP. First Bankers has deep experience with the complex, yet frequent issues involved in such transactions including matters of corporate governance, securities, tax, finance, executive compensation, and warrants in addition to matters under ERISA.

Although nationally recognized for our fiduciary expertise, our firm is sized to specifically meet the unique demands of our client plans and to provide flexibility and customized solutions, while maintaining the highest standard of fiduciary service available in the industry. It is an intentional business model, designed specifically around our clients and the highly specialized nature of the fiduciary services we provide. With a clear understanding of the industry’s many rules and regulations, First Bankers is able to successfully navigate administrative and transactional fiduciary matters on behalf of our clients and is fully equipped to address the unique fiduciary issues and regulatory standards applicable to company stock held in a qualified plan.

First Bankers is committed to establishing “best practice” standards for fiduciaries with respect to employer securities held in an ESOP or other qualified plan. As part of our commitment to leading the industry in ERISA fiduciary services, we have built a group of professionals with unparalleled experience and commitment. Our strong team brings diversified skill sets, attention to detail, and deep expertise to seamlessly integrate our services and products to make your employee benefit program successful. This breadth of experience makes First Bankers the natural choice for ESOP fiduciary services.