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Why Do Some States Have More Employee-Owned Companies?

by Darren Dahl / Forbes Contributor – August 2016

New research released this week lends even more objective evidence that employee-owned companies are key economic contributors across the country. The research, which was conducted by the tag-team partners of the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and ESCA, Employee-owned S-Corporations of America, reports that the U.S. is now home to almost 7,000 ESOP companies representing 13.5 million participants and $1.1 trillion in assets.

Each of the 50 states boasts at least eight ESOP-owned companies and 1,500 employee-owners. It’s also interesting… Read more

Parksite Case Debunks ESOP Myth: Actually a Great M&A Vehicle

by Mary Josephs, Verit Advisors LLC *As published in Forbes Magazine.
One of my jobs, I’ve learned during 30 years of advising on employee ownership transactions, is to dispel myths about ESOPs, or Employee Stock Ownership Plans.

Too complicated (not true). Takes forever to close a deal (not true). Inmates-running-the-asylum governance issues (not true). And then there’s this misperception: ESOPs, while fine for mature and slow-growing companies… Read more

Suddenly, 230 Owners: Family Business Drake-Williams Steel Converted to Employee Ownership

by Cole Epley / World-Herald Staff Writer

There’s a new chief executive officer at Drake-Williams Steel Inc., but newly anointed boss Jay Stewart isn’t the only employee getting an updated title.

Stewart, 50, is one of a group of about 230 employees across three locations in Omaha and Aurora, Colorado, who are now owners of the 132-year-old, Omaha-based steel fabricator. Omaha landmarks… Read more

Burns & McDonnell CEO: Thankful for Colleagues Who Own It

by Greg Graves, Former Chairman and CEO of Burns & McDonnell, a global engineering, architecture, construction, and environmental consulting firm.

It’s the question we’re all sure to be asked at some point in the next couple of weeks: “What are you most thankful for this year?” It’s a question I ask myself … not because I have a lack of things to be thankful for, but rather, because it makes me assess what I’m doing to contribute to others.

Granted, the good fortune in my life isn’t to be underestimated. My family, living in a great place like Kansas City (home of the World Champion Royals!) and working for a company like… Read more