Personal Trust

Choose a Leading Provider of Corporate Trustee Services

Choosing a fiduciary is one of the most important decisions you will make for your and your loved ones. While many think a family member or friend would be an excellent trustee, people often find this is not the best option. This important designation should be seen as a business decision, not an emotional one. Understanding the role and responsibilities of a trustee can help you make the best choice. The First Bankers team offers clients quality, professional services and the peace of mind knowing they have selected an experienced and enduring fiduciary.



We act as sole trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee — depending upon your preference. The trustee accepts legal responsibility for carrying out the terms of the trust. Count on First Bankers to provide proactive, expert advice to help you navigate the complex and often emotional decisions that come with providing for you and your loved ones’ future. Read more about Trust …

Executor/Personal Representative

First Bankers estate administration professionals work with your advisors through the complicated process of wealth transfer including:

  • Asset identification, collection, valuation, and management
  • Probate estate and trust administration
  • Tax and legal strategies development to minimize all types of taxes — estate, generation skipping, and income
  • Tax preparation review
  • Preparation of all required inventories and accountings
  • Distribution of assets in accordance with the estate plan


Court-ordered guardianships protect the estates of those who are unable to handle their own financial responsibilities, typically children or disabled adults. A financial guardian is responsible for managing all assets in a prudent manner.

We will listen to your concerns and advocate for your loved one’s needs with professionalism and expertise.

In the role of guardian, you can rely on our professionals to:

  • Paying all bills and ongoing expenses
  • Determine overall cash flow requirements and living expenses
  • Establish a monthly budget
  • Coordinate medical insurance filings and expenditures for medical equipment
  • Prepare state and federal income tax returns
  • Invest and manage all assets, including real estate

We take pride in protecting the financial security of our clients until they reach legal age or, in the case of special needs children and disabled adults, for the rest of their lives.

Durable Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney allows you to give authority to First Bankers to make legal and financial decisions and execute transactions on your behalf. As a legal fiduciary you can rest easy knowing we act in your best interest when you are unable to act.


As an Agent First Bankers can act for anyone individually or in their capacities as Trustee, Executor, or Guardian.

Wealth Management Services

We understand that many families would like to pass their wealth down to their children, but may be unfamiliar with certain types of investments or may feel that their children are unprepared to manage the wealth they receive. As a trusted advisor in wealth management, First Bankers helps clients manage assets and educates them about how to properly transfer wealth to their heirs. Read more about Wealth Management …

Individual Retirement Account Services

Today, people are more aware of the need for financial planning and are participating in plans such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). As a trusted and well-respected organization, First Bankers is ideally suited to administer your IRA. We collaborate with you to understand your needs and identify opportunities to meet your goals. Read more about IRAs & HSAs …